Religion Group of the Month: Buddhism

 This month we will be intentionally praying for Buddhists all around the world! Pray with us that Jesus would be revealed to them through Christian missionaries coming to bring the message of the Gospel! To help paint the picture of the great need of Christian missionaries among Buddhists in the world, there is 1 missionary for every 260,001 Buddhists in …

Meet & Greet

Women’s Ministry is having a meet & greet at the Eminhizer’s house on June 2nd at 10am. We will be gathering to meet one another and share ideas for our women’s ministry. I hope to see you there and I look forward to talking with you!  For any questions, please email Cheryl Parra. 

Community Bible Plan

In order to become more like JESUS, you must first be devoted to spending time in His WORD! We challenge you this week to be intentional about reading God’s Word and together, as a community, let’s look more like Christ.   


   Here is what Brian shared yesterday, tying all of the passages that we looked at to the look at the main call of marriage: So marriage isn’t about who is in charge, but rather how well we serve one another, through servant leadership and submission, supporting one another in God’s call, according to the specific roles that He has assigned to us, …