All of Heaven is Celebrating

 Meet the Bradneys. Chris, Corinne, and Scarlett. This past Sunday night I received this text from Chris: “I have to share the good new with you tonight! Scarlett was asking me on the way home from church about Jesus, and sin, and heaven, but she wanted to wait until Corinne got back from the baby shower before she made a decision. So just a few minutes ago, she prayed for Jesus to be her Savior. Easily one of the best moments of my life!” This beautiful little girl prayed to surrender to Christ. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!  He went on to say: “I could never ask for a better Christmas present! Thank you thank you thank for fostering a community where she came so naturally to know who Jesus was and respond so naturally to his love (which you all demonstrate thoroughly!).” Our Purpose Claremont community is being used by Jesus in ways we don’t even know. But because this was brought to my attention, I had to share it!!! CONGRATULATIONS, SCARLETT!!! We absolutely love you and your family. Thank you, Purpose Church Claremont, for being the most amazing community that I’ve ever been a part of. Love you all more than you know  

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