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Community Engagement Exists to

serve, equip, connect & cry out

Community Engagement at Purpose Church Claremont has four objectives to narrow in on:
to serve, to equip, to connect, and to cry out. We are a branch of Purpose Church Claremont that exists to equip the Church, serve communities, and cry out to God on their behalf, all for the purpose of connecting those communities with God. We accomplish our mission on many roads.

Community Engagement is dreamed up by and stewarded by Mary and Sarah, but it is fueled by the Church. We serve needy and overlooked communities like foster youth, refugees, unreached people groups, or the Persecuted Church, financially through Ramen Holidays, physically through things like donating backpacks or school supplies, and with our time and hearts through things like our Mentorship Program. We equip the Church to fulfill Her God given potential and purpose through Evangelism Trainings and monthly challenges to get involved in service, not just the what, but the why.

We cry out to God together as a community through bi-weekly prayer meetings called For Lost & Bride, and through committing to set aside time daily in our alone times with God to pray for a specific country, people group, or religion each month.



"There are so many ways to engage and we are so excited to connect with you as we serve, equip, and cry out! Welcome to the mission field, where God is ready to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine, through you, starting right now, right here.
What a ride! "

Mary Browning

Director of Community Engagement


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