Equipped Disciple-Makers

Good morning, Purpose Claremont,

I just wanted to quickly let you know that I am so impressed by all of you. During our current series, “Home,” you all have stay committed in being part of the worship gatherings and being challenged by what I believe God desires of all of his followers to be as move forward into setting up home churches.

Yesterday we looked at becoming equipped disciple-makers, realizing our need to be in the word of God and being lead by the Holy Spirit as we continue to grow up into Christ. I know that many of you have spent time with Jesus on a regular basis for a long time. However, I also know that many of you have not. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that I was equipping you with the ability to spend time with Jesus. Below is a video that I made a few years ago that explains a Bible-study method that I learned as a nineteen year old kid. Before that I never had anyone really show me how to have a time alone with Jesus in the word. I used it for about twenty years. Since then I’ve adapted it into what really helps me in digging into the Scriptures with the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit.

I pray that this is helpful. I love you all and am so thankful for you.

Love you more than you know,

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  1. Brian,
    This is a wonderful process that I intend to apply as well as share! The acronym PROM WAS is now tattooed on my brain. I have been asked how I study the Word and have been kind of stumped on how to respond as I am in college Bible study which requires an academic process dictated by the particular course I’m taking. You have helped tremendously with the questions I get such as “Where should I start?” “How much or how long should I read in one session?” “How do I absorb what I’m reading?” Further, you provided a great overview of three translations and how they can be used. I fluctuate between the ESV and NIV for personal use but of course am called to look at myriad translations in school. Thank you for this!

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  2. Brian,
    Thank you! I was looking for leadership today, realizing I am not receiving it at my current church. I saw Prom Was and knew going to the word, in a deeper way, will clarify it for me. Again, Thank You!

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