Let me take just a quick minute to say, “THANK YOU!!!” Thank you for being the most amazing community of Jesus lovers that I have ever walked through life with. Thank you for being a community that loves our children. Thank you for wanting to see little ones worship and play and do “Ring Around the Rosie” during worship. Thank you for smiling as you watched the Purpose Kids giants of faith lead us into reverently joyful and uninhibited holy worship of Jesus. I noticed the difference this morning in our response in worship as we had the little ones lead us into celebration. Today was one of those experiences that I will not soon forget, getting to worship Jesus all together as one community in one place. And I’m so excited for the next time.

So thank you, Purpose Claremont. I know that I say it at the end of every message. I know that I usually sign it at the end of every blog post, email, or postcard that I write to you. But please know I repeat it often because it is absolutely TRUE!!! I truly do love you more than you could ever know.

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