It’s Just About Being Intentional

Hey all,

I just wanted to share this incredible message that I received from Cheryl Parra last week. If you haven’t met her yet, Cheryl is our Lead of Women’s Ministries and is doing a great job. Here’s what she messaged me last week:

“FYI-Last year on Halloween Richard and I were intentional about reaching out to neighbors. This year we have 4 or 5 families that are going to join us and barbecue and pass out candy. They seem excited to be a part of it. Also, today a neighbor of ours for 30 years, a jewish man by birth, stopped and talked to Richard about his failing health. He is in his 50’s and has a bad heart. Richard has the opportunity to pray with him and another neighbor and he was open to letting us pray for him and to know more of the hope in Christ Jesus. We are just blown away by what God is doing. And more blown away that He uses us to do such a mighty work. Just in awe. Thank you for pushing that we all need to be intentional. It isn’t always easy and not everyone wants to hear it but it is what we should do. We all need to have a fire lit under us to get up and move.”

This is it, friends. Consistency and faithfulness in making your zip code your mission field is what we’ve been called to do. I was so encouraged to read this that I asked if I could share it and pass it along.

So thankful for each of you. I truly do love you more than you know.


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