Monthly Prayer Focus- October 2018- Prayer For Iraq

 This Month Pray For Iraq: 

“Over 95% of Iraqis are Muslim, and an alarming 98% remain unreached by the Gospel.” -PrayerCast
Iraq is a Middle Eastern Country located in the middle of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait. 

Iraq has faced a lot of war, poverty, and terror and desperately needs the love of Jesus. Many Christians, however, have fled the country due to persecution and some believe that Christianity will be completely “cleansed” from Iraq.

Yet with our God there is always Hope. 

“…Even amidst horrific terror and violence, a light is dawning. The redemptive power of God is again at work, bringing light from darkness and hope from despair. In the midst of, and even because of this conflict, unreached people groups are now experiencing the love of Christ, and Muslims are turning to Jesus in unprecedented numbers – even from extremist backgrounds. God’s love reaches into every corner of this broken nation, from the fertile plains of the Tigris and Euphrates to the deserts of the west and from the mountainous north to the southern marshlands. He alone is the answer. He alone is their Deliverer.”- PrayerCast

Here are a few guided prayer points from PrayerCast that will help us pray this nation that desperately needs it!: 
• Pray for evil and terror to be overcome by the power and love of Christ and His people. 
• Pray for the Gospel message to break through hearts hardened by longstanding divisions and intense rivalries.
• Pray for believers to courageously stand firm in their faith despite persecution and terror.

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