Thank you once again for being amazing!!!

 Hi everyone,I just wanted to take a quick minute once again to say thank you. Yesterday, as we looked at the book of Nehemiah together and were challenged with being people of “the book”, you all received it with humble and teachable hearts. I love to teach the Bible and to preach about Jesus. In spite of that, there are times when the messages are pretty straight-forward, and yet you all always rise to the challenge. I want to thank you for being the type of community that wants to learn what the Bible says and to apply it’s truth no matter what that message might be. Thank you for being followers of Jesus who inspire me to continue to pursue Jesus with everything in me. Thank you for loving me and mine so well and for your constant encouragement (like I’ve said before, I save all of your encouraging notes/texts/emails/messages).  You all are absolutely incredible. I cannot tell you how proud of you I am and how honored I am to get to call you family and to walk through life with you as we all strive to see everyone everywhere following Jesus. I truly do love you all more than you know,  

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