When ‘God You Are…’ Changes Everything

“The LORD is in the right, for I have rebelled against his word; but hear, all you peoples, and see my suffering…”

― Lamentations 1:18 (ESV) ―

“If God is so good then why…?”

“You say that God is so powerful, then why is there so much chaos in…?”

It’s easy to imagine hearing those statements from those who say that there is no God. But I guess I wonder how often do those questions race through our minds, disciples of Jesus, when chaos and crisis seem to be ignored or missed by our Christ. And when those difficulties hit, how quick are we to question the character of God? And if you’re reading this and you do it, you’re in good company. Even within the pages of Scripture God’s character is questioned by its authors when they see the reality of death and destruction all around them. They are honest in their pursuit of understanding and are willing to go to God with those questions. But in spite of this, we must come back to foundational truth that is not changed or altered or impacted by our present circumstances or past regrets. 

Here’s what I think is necessary for us as we move forward through life, looking at the things going on in the world and in our personal lives when it comes to God and his goodness. We must come down to foundational key statements of truth so that our perspective is not changed by circumstances but rather that our circumstances are looked at through new lenses based upon proper perspectives of those truths about God. So I believe that it is necessary to look at everything with the foundation of at least these three truths about God:

God is great. God is good. God is right.

“But look at all that Jeremiah is describing in Lamentations. How can you still hold on to that?” 

Because of the fact that God is right, those who rebelled were being justly disciplined. Because God is great, he is able to carry out his plan no matter what, even when it seems like it’s out of control. And because God is good, we can see that even God’s response to his people who have rebelled is out of a desire to see his people return to him in order to experience the greatest good, which is himself. I wrote this in my journal after today’s reading in Lamentations 1-2:

“And ultimately why would God do all of this? To draw his people back to himself, the Greatest Good, that they might experience the greatest good. It was out of his love that his fierce anger had a purpose dripping in the kindness of God (Romans Romans 2:4).”

So let’s believe and hold strongly to the truths about God. Let’s hold to those truths throughout the storms that we will face. Let’s have the truths about God and his character impact our perspectives of our circumstances rather than the other way around. And if we do that, we just might see things the right way.

God, you are great. You are good. You are right. You are loving. You are merciful. You are kind. You are sovereign. You are gracious. You are mighty. You are just. You are forgiving. You are love. 

And the list goes on and on, and that changes everything.

Love you all more than you know,

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